How This All Started

Well, I really don't know how this all started. But what I do know comes from my own personal experiences with the supernatural. Like most of us I get most of my supernatural education from TV. Yet, like so many others, my personal experiences and knowledge of the subject matter has formed my approach to coming along side of individuals who have a need in confronting (what I feel are) evil entities.
Epic Listening Productions will soon be putting together a four part series defining "Rid The Fallen" and why we do what we do. Joel Torres and myself will co-host this series. The material is almost developed and production should begin before the end of this year.
Basically, Joel and I have a heart for individuals and families who are experiencing the supernatural in a violent/oppressive manner. We wish to come along side of these persons and/or their families and help deal with "a not so friendly" supernatural experience. Our approach is unique in that we do not seek out these entities. Our prayer is that we RID the individual/families of what we believe to be demons.
We in NO WAY take this lightly and approach each situation with the love, care and confidentiality it deserves. Joel and I prepare ourselves as if we are "going to war", which we believe we are each time we take on the demonic entity. If you and/or someone you know might be in this type of need, please reach out to us and let us know how we might come along side of you.
All the best.
Mike Bearden

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